Let me conform to the stereotype of Livejournal for a moment, please

I woke up this morning to being trapped under blankets, in the night I’d twisted myself up and gotten tangled. After the panic subsided, I re-arranged my blankets and tried to get back to sleep. I mostly failed. I’m dreaming a lot about money these days, and it keeps on going right into waking. I can’t wait to have the office moved and actually have my expenses drop off a bit. Soon. So soon.

As I’m drifting off to sleep, I squirm a little and the cat leaps off the bed, having interpreted my motion as being caught in the act of peeing in my bed. This is a new trick that I am very much not impressed with. I shove the wet blankets off the side of the bed and try to go back to sleep. Fail.

So I’m up. I feel angsty, out of touch with my body and just not very happy.