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This week, Tunisia passed a truly historic constitution widely heralded as a progressive and monumental document. 

Here’s just some of what these brave elected representatives agreed upon in the face of strong pressure from the more extreme factions of their parties:

  • Guaranteed equality between men and women
  • A constitutional mandate for environmental protection, only the third country in the world to do so
  • A declaration that health care is a human right, with preventative care and treatment for every citizen
  • A democracy with civil laws that respects freedom of religion
  • An established right to due process and protection from torture
In one stroke,
Tunisia’s become more democratic than many Western countries have been for years.

This is a revolution of democracy and a great victory for human rights — and the more we recognize that, the more Tunisia can shine as an example for the Western and the Arab world!

Congratulate the Legislators!

MESSAGE FOR TUNISIAN LEGISLATORS: We , the citizens of the world, applaud your bravery in making a strong commitment to universal human values in your constitution. People deprived of democracy around the world look to you to set the example of human rights and democratic principle — hold true to the promises made in this revolutionary document!


Huge moment for Tunisia, which has persevered through terrorist attacks and assassinations. The hard work doesn’t end today, of course, but this is a great day nonetheless.

The False Analogy of Race and Transition

The False Analogy of Race and Transition:


I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. The assertion that bein trans is wrong, ridiculous, or “not real” because it would be similarly wrong for someone to try to change their race. As a Latina, Yaqui, and White multiracial trans woman, I usually scrunch my eyes in response as a “what the fuck are…

Tobi, as always, is beyond spot on.

“You can’€™t do that! Stories have to be about White people”

"You can'€™t do that! Stories have to be about White people":


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