Gender expression and comics

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An amazing bundle of thought-provoking awesome

So brown_betty puts out a call for artwork of male comic book characters in “female” comic book poses in an effort to examine the stark gender divide in comic books.

This prompts ratcreature to post some scans from a guide to drawing comic characters, including sections on how to draw comic pornstarswomen.

In a brilliant display of awesome, vito_excalibur “fixes” the pages, switching all the men and women.

[remainder clipped]

brown_betty‘s original post links to a couple insightful posts too, and some examples. is a site dedicated to women in (mainstream) comics, both characters and authors. Some neat stuff up there.

Sequential Tart’s “Bizarre Breasts” column, sadly no longer updating.

It’s been going on a long time, too, and not just in comics — Loomis’ drawing suggestions from the forties draws otherwise normal female nudes in heels. They’d never do something like this to the men, of course.

Some answers to the challenge: stephendann, naefox, kkglinka (again!), redplasticglass, theblackscorpio, ocarina

and on the subject of sexy superheroes, Racy Li writes sexy superhero stories, including one that’s free.