I just scored at the thrift shop. Ten CDs!

  • Kronos Quartet – Black Angels,
  • Sarah Brightman – Classics,
  • Indigo Girls – Power of Two,
  • Nichole Nordeman – Woven & Spun, (This one’s a gamble as to whether it’s good. Just looked like good idea.)
  • the Dream Girls soundtrack,
  • Andreas Vollenweider – Dancing with the Lion,
  • Paula Cole – This Fire,
  • The Big Chill soundtrack,
  • Carol Laula – Preious Little Victories (another gamble),
  • Justina and Joyce – So Strong (A gamble, but the two girls look decidedly dykey, and so looked really promising.

Add to that scoring 5 nice tops and an ethernet router/print server for the remarkably low price of $8, and I’m a happy camper.