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Music Player Daemon is really spiffy. I dislike most of the GUIs, but it’s a fair bit more reliable than Rhythmbox when my system’s being upgraded.

Orange Sun Tea

Remove the outer peel from an orange and cut into thin strips (as fine as possible), or grate if you’re lazy or only have dull knives. Add 6 teaspoons of black tea (a good orange pekoe would work wonderfully). Add a pinch of clove. Let it sit in a clear 3/4 gallon pitcher in the sun for at least 4 hours.

Another person discovers that piracy is easier.

Apple releases most of EMI’s catalog DRM-free on iTunes. $1.29 a track is a bit much to my head, but I will use it. Now to see if iTunes runs under Wine.

Vruba’s guide to irony. I enjoy re-reading this every few months.

Blood can be converted to type O. Damn cool. I wonder if RH antibodies can be tackled the same way.