wolftracks asks:

1\. Would you rather feel able to confide in other people or have them feel able to confide in you?
I'd far rather have people confide in me. That's a large part of my life, and I can deal with myself other ways.
2\. Name three people who've influenced you the most over the past year. Tell us how.
  1. upna is still a deep influence on me — this year in breaking up and moving apart, but she’s been an influence on me for years now. I don’t see that changing. I’ve learned about the depths of frienship and love and the details of what makes a relationship work.
  2. rising_dawn — I’ve learned how old friendships change and grow.
  3. raijna for teaching me how much everything I thought was neccesary in a relationship was wrong.
3. If you could pick a single thing to have an astounding aptitude— just absolute genius— for what would it be?
It would be for listening so that people could understand themselves.
4\. What's the last thing you checked out of the library?
Oddly enough, it's been over a year. There was a baking book perhaps more recently, but I've been reading books entirely purchased lately, so I have my complete lesiure to read them.
5\. If you had to consistently and regularly practice one mainstream religion for the whole of your life, which one would you choose? Why?
I think I would probably end up Catholic. The huge, long, deep, all-encompassing tradition speaks very deeply to me. I love and feel deeply a connection to cathedrals and old churches.