noam_rion asks:

1\. You must leave the area where you live and never return. What will you miss most? Will you take anything to help you remember?
I will miss the way the clouds lie on the hills the most. Cool mornings and afternoons, and the light filtering through the grey mist. I'll take only memories, but forever seek that feeling.
2\. What have you learned from the mountains? How does it affect your daily life?
They are the silent guardians. They are a boundary, but not a jail. They're everpresent, and they remind me that it's always possible to look up to something beautful and bigger than oneself.
3\. You can either get good spices or good vegetables. Which?
Vegetables. No question there.
4\. What book (or a few) do you most wish other people to read?
There's none that I can say generally. Every connection I have with people is different, and the books I'd reccomend would be just as personal as that connection. To you, noam_rion, I'd reccomend “The Care of the Soul”, by Thomas Moore.
5\. You're stuck with a lot of customers who don't get it, aren't interested in understanding, and won't listen. They want you to make things go, but won't explain (and don't even really know) their requirements. You can't get rid of them without your business going under. (Either there aren't enough other people to replace them so you'll lack income, or they're vindictive and will see that you go down if they feel treated badly.) How do you deal with it?
I'll slowly move into another business with people who suck less. Specialize elsewhere. Seek perfect customers and eventually bail on the others. The act of doing that would free up what remained of my patience, and things would go more smoothly until I got out.
6\. What emotion don't express well/as much as you'd like? In which situations do you not express it? Why?
I think I express everything I feel pretty well now. I don't feel nor express anger at all often, though that doesn't surprise nor bother me anymore.

I’d love to ask anyone who wants questions. Leave a comment and I shall.