saromiaasks questions. I answer.

question the first: if you were a non-human animal, what would you have? as in, a tail for swinging, long legs for running, fur for being warm, wings for flying...? and why?
I'd be long in the leg — Running has always been my natural mode of travel. I'd have soft, fine, short fur if I had any at all. Sleek smoothness has always been the most comfortable to me. And bat-wings. I'd love to be able to pick myself up off the ground on many occasions. I'd probably use them like a flying squirrel — not so much to fly, but more to fall with style.
question the second: what scares you about angry people?
Truly angry with me is so rare I can't say I know. Angry in general just scares me because I know they could do so much more than be angry all the time. That there is such waste scares me.
question the third: what is one kitchen item you could not live without? (other than a good sharp knife or some other practical thing.) why?
My tools are minimal: Suribachi, Knife, cutting board, a pan and a pot. I don't use much else, really. The more pans and pots I have, the more I can do at once, but other than that, I am entirely minimalist.
question the fourth: did you have a hiding place when you were little? where was it?
My dad built us these great beds, built into the walls. Mine I walled off underneath and made a space about three feet high to hide in and stay cool. It was really really good to have.
question the fifth: who is someone you look up to right now?
At the moment, surprisingly enough, I am really looking up to raijna. She's challenged the way I think enough to really make me respect how she works.

If you want me to ask you questions, reply and I’ll create you some.