Things that keep me sane

  • Rain. More than anything, watching a rainstorm soothes my mind. Thunder and lightning and everything so much larger than I is a wonderful feeling.
  • Cooking. Making, preparing, and eating well feels like a wonderful thing. I eat conciously, aware of what I am eating and where it came from, how it affects the world and my body. I love to share it with people I care about, because the feeling of providing for others is a wonderful one. I also tend to be hypoglycemic, and to feel terrible if I do not eat.
  • Music. If I can find a sound-track to match my mood, I can start slipping in songs to lift me from there. Learning to play the cello has given me something to focus on when things are bad.
  • Contact with friends. Loneliness sucks.
  • A feeling of independence. Working for myself lifted my moods. Hobbies that I can do myself, don’t need other people around for are wonderful, too.
  • A space of my own to control. Just having my own house, even if it’s tiny, or my own room, gives me another point of stability.
  • Not drinking much. Alchohol upsets my body, and that just makes me feel bad.