Projects I'd really love to spend time with.

  • Improving ruby bindings for Raptor, Rasqal and Redland.
  • Separating my web framework from the financial app it was created for, and turning it into small, orthagonal, releasable pieces. I’d love for it to be a toolkit for those who want to build a larger web framework, not a whole framework in itself, really. Rails is great, but it’s still shifting sands as it develops, and the pieces aren’t very loosely coupled.
  • Using Behavior.js,’ scripts and some other Javascript libraries to play with some fun UI stuff.
  • Hack more on [Ruby to add some aspect-oriented features to the syntax.
  • Whip XChat-GNOME]( into better shape.
  • Play with Ruby-Web/Narf, which looks like a good clean-up on the ruby CGI library, though why on earth someone would treat CGI environment and HTTP headers as case-insensitive is beyond me. I also worry about the usage of thread-local structure like that. It’s so close to right that it’ll probably stick and keep it from being actually right . Grr.
  • Do more illustrations for Illustration Friday. Just one a week, though.
  • Find the sheet music or tab to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and learn to play it better.
  • Play with Ruby/Odeum, and put it to good use on the NBTSWikiWiki.
  • Finish writing my change-tracking virtual filesystem overlay.
  • Learn enough Haskell to hack on Darcs some.
  • Install Pubcookie or Webauth on Polis.
  • Finish the Ruby NSS module I’ve been working on.
  • Write a script for said NSS module to allow users on Polis to define a friends-group pseudo-user, and using that and Posix-draft ACLs, make unix-secure web files. This will probably take something like the aforementioned Pubcookie for authentication, and a webserver with privilege to change userids, or a dynamic proxy or FastCGI type thing to fire up a servlet process as a given user when supplied with adequate credentials. Thar be some dragons.
  • Work on Xenophile.

And people wonder why I say I don’t believe in boredom.