I am so tired but very happily so. I rolled out of bed at a very early 9am, met Ethan and Eric and Ruth at the coffeeshop. There was a hike planned that I didn’t know about, so we shortly left and headed for the hills to hike to the top of Mount Baldy. Notably, Mount Baldy is the only mountain visible from my house that doesn’t break treeline. Go figure on that one.

I filled the card on my camera, not that that takes much, and got a few good shots. I should give up on the panoramas for a while so I have enough flash to get really good at framing shots, but I didn’t today.

The hike was eight miles, and over 5000 vertical feet (counting the downs too). On the way home, I collected a half pound of stinging nettle for dinner, which is now sitting happily in my stomach as curry, along with some comfrey and marshmallow from the garden.