I had a rude awakening yesterday, talking to my father. My parents, on a scale of one to ten, usually rank somewhere right around nine. I didn’t pick up too many bad habits from them, they’re tolerant of most everything and truly accepting of nearly all of that. What I realized, though, is that my father has some very strange ideas of what mental health is. To quote him, “You’re not really mentally okay unless you can do it without medicines or anything”. It made me realize that there’s an all-natural 1 elitism that I used to share (this is why it bothers me so much, I think), and now reject.

This partly illustrates why they just Don’t Get the “transgender thing”.

1Remind me some time to give an earful on my thoughts on nature — for now, suffice it to say that I believe humans are a part of nature — all we do is natural. There’s nothing automatically better about something coming from plants or that existed before the 19th century or anything like that.