I had a most wonderful conversation with Jem last night. I stayed up way too late, and it was worth every bit of not being able to get up this morning.

It was nice to be able to talk about issues surrounding girlishness and lack thereof, and not have it be a weird thing to talk about.

Then, this morning, I talked to Fiona and that was good too.

I want more good conversations like that, darnit!


One of these days, I will get up enough emotional energy to actually think about what I wear in a day, rather than just using the first thing I find that’s reasonably clean.

It’s sad, I know, but so much of the time, I just don’t have the energy to deal with it. It doesn’t help that what I’d really love to wear, I don’t own and probably doesn’t come in my size.



I just made my LJ page validate. Now if only there were some way to force everyone to use XHTML instead of HTML, so the friends page would.


I’m talking to Franny. I like talking to people like Franny.


It’s dark, so I suppose I should get off the computer and do something useful.

I haven’t checked my voicemail today. I haven’t done any real work. I did kinda poke at some fun stuff, but I really didn’t accomplish anything.

Of course, it is Sunday. I really should let myself have a break now and again.

I think I’ll make a big cup of decaf and go play the cello.

Checking in.

I shaved my legs this morning, and my chest. I feel more like a girl than I have in a while. It’s a small relief. I looked in the mirror and my posture changed a bit. I feel phyiscally better than I have in some weeks. It’s small stuff, but it makes a difference.

I don’t talk about this much. It’s partly my parents — they make comments about squeekingknute and they’re not that positive. They don’t knock summerkid much, thankfully. That would make me even more upset.

I peeked at Venus Envy this afternoon. I nearly cried right there. It wasn’t any one cartoon, either. It pokes at my psyche in funny ways that aren’t always comfy.

Carrie called, wigging out and wanting to come home early. She gets homesick so easily. I started dumping, too and it wasn’t so hot. We ended up hanging up for a while, she thought for a bit, I slept. My late nights this past week caught up to me. We talked again. My cell battery died. That was a blessing, because the ‘net phone had better quality at that point. We hashed and talked for a long time. I haven’t had that long a conversation in ages. We get wrapped up in our lives, and don’t talk much. I internalize everything and tend to hide anyway. It’s not good. I feel all clogged up.

I feel more sane now. It’s getting on toward 11:30, and I think I’ll go take a walk and get my cell charger. It’s hot in here and I’m drinking tea.

(more) Literate URLs for Swiki

I’ve been working with a fellow from Portland on getting his Swiki setup, where you can get a business card page for $25/year into some sanity. That means co-existing with everything else on the server, not taking over port 80, having sane URLs that you’d be proud to put on a business card, and being easy to administer. In addition, hiding the “list of Swikis” is important.

It turns out to be fairly easy. Start up the Swiki on port 8000 or what have you, get it running. Then set up Apache, which runs on port 80, thus:` <VirtualHost *:80>

DocumentRoot /somewhere

ServerName yoursitename

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^/(admin|schemes)(.*)$ http://localhost:8000/$1$2 [P]

RewriteRule ^/$ http://localhost:8000/MainSwikiPage [P]

RewriteRule ^/(.+)$ http://localhost:8000/$1 [P]

</VirtualHost> `


We slept outside last night, like we have several times this week. It’s getting warm enough to do that on a regular basis, though it’s by no means hot at night. I think it’s in the mid forties lately. I haven’t checked.

Going to sleep, I saw three or four shooting stars.

Waking up in the middle of the night, the milky way was this almost blindingly bright stripe painted down the middle of the sky. I love that it’s that dark here, so that it can be the brightest thing in the sky.

I sleep really well during the darker phases of the moon. I feel rested and energized, though a little groggy still just like when I’m camping. A little warm liquid should help, though.

I am so glad to have heard from Kathleen. I’ve been missing hearing anything.

Marina, sorry for skipping out on you last night. I’m spending time with Carrie, though, before she leaves for Quo Vadis on Tuesday. I really will be around to help at some point, though.


I just talked to Dawn for the first time in over a year. It’s so bizarre to be reading about accounting for one’s business, and then instantly got back in time four years in your head, thinking of old conversations and how things were.



A copy of The Last Unicorn, the 1984 printing, softback and in perfect condition? Free? Sure!

New Cellphone

Here’s a small prop to LG for making a dandy small, cheap cell phone. I got a TM510. I’m happy. I paid $50 on ebay, and it’s like new. It’s text-message beep is a little quiet for me, but I’ll live.

Updated Annoyances

I’ve added David Heinemeier Hansson’s comments on the ActiveRecord annoyances to the original post.

Jessica is Funny

Jessica just called from New York, with Liz in the background, and asks me (out of the blue, but I can guess why) to put “leni riefenstal” into Google. 599 results. She wants to know if she has the spelling right, a sort of bet from Liz that has to be settled right now. She didn’t. 599 for “leni riefenstal”, 78,000 for “leni reifenstahl”. Jessica now owes Liz a kiss, instead of vice versa.

As an addendum, there’s also the fact that if you misspell it “leni reifenstahl”, you get 1,830. It wasn’t even the popular misspelling.

Hand Cramps

Playing the cello just now, I got some of the worst cramps in my left hand that I’ve ever had. I’ve had cramps like that twice, and never before while playing the cello. Ow.

On the other hand, I can play the Suzuki etude now, decently. Still a couple screeky bits to smooth out, but not bad.


Breaking Into the CE-150

So I bought a CopperEdge-150 DSLAM on eBay for a very good price.

It didn’t come with the password.

CopperMountain is widely regarded as tight-lipped unless you have a service contract costing five figures with them.

So I broke in.

The CE-150 has two serial ports: the CRAFT port, for management, and the Diagnostic port, which is the equivalent to the console on a PC.

It has a pretty spiffy BIOS, based on vxWorks, so there’s something to work with.

First, I plugged my serial cable plus null modem adaptor plus gender changer into the Diagnostic port.

Then, found the IP address: ifShow, and looked through the output and found, with a netmask of 0xffffffe0

On my workstation, I set up an FTP server, added a temporary IP address to my machine: ip addr add dev eth0, and got to work.

On the CE-150, hostAdd “betelgeuse”,“” sets up a host entry, then netDevCreate “betelgeuse:”,“betelgeuse”,1 sets up an FTP session device.

Then, cd “/CE200/SYSTEM”, and iam “username”,“password” for logging into the FTP server.

Then, the magic copy “CONFIG.TGZ”.“betelgeuse:cf.tgz”.

Voila, I have the config file, a gzipped text file (not a TAR file!). In it is an encrypted (hashed, I suspect) copy of the admin password.

So in the morning, I’ll have to edit the config file, re-gzip, and copy it back. With luck, it’ll take a blank. We’ll see.

(The next morning) No, no go. I was trying too hard. Just rm “CONFIG.TGZ”.