It’s raining. There’s been a steady shower for almost an hour now. The clouds are the same grey color the cat who is curled up as tight as he can get in my lap, and have been all day. The air is cool and moist. The mountains are mostly hidden from view. The world looks happy this evening.

Carrie called yesterday — I was so worried when I heard her voice. I wasn’t expecting a call from Quo Vadis. She was, however, asking about the recipe to bagels. I can’t remember if I botched it or not. I was completely taken by surprise. She’s having a blast, which is taking a load off of my mind. There were several times before she left that she had to be cajoled into going.

I think I have my problem with the stereo pinned down. A bad speaker cable. I shall replace it in the morning.

Note to self: You have to be up at 8:45 tomorrow, to meet Sharlie and help her with her computer again. Do not screw this up. Do not oversleep. She’s been a great customer, and you got that nice table from her on credit. Now do her a favor and be there on time.