A great idea for SVG fonts

From this www-font posting by Adam Twardoch


Obviously, SVG Fonts have some good and interesting concepts. One of

their advantages is that they can – at least in theory – freely

combine all aspects of SVG: multi-colored, multi-layered vector

graphics, and bitmaps.

However, SVG Fonts also have some serious drawbacks: while the glyph

definition using SVG is a great concept, all the other aspects of SVG

Fonts that make them work as a font, especially the character mapping,

access to alternate glyphs, and the layout behavior, are somewhat

under-defined and hard to implement. Therefore, it’s rather unlikely

that at any time, all OS and application vendors will agree on a good,

full implementation of SVG Fonts.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest a different path: place an SVG Font as a

table inside of an OpenType font*, and combine the power of both formats.