The Seven Sins (plus one!) with Anonymity on the Internet

Anonymity + Greed = Spam (Thanks to @mblumenthal)

Anonymity + Pride = Trolling and off-topic rants comments

Anonymity + Gluttony = BitTorrent running 24/7

Anonymity + Sloth = Spending all day watching Youtube videos

Anonymity + Lust = Watching lots of porn

Anonymity + Envy = Comparison shopping and stalking exes and potential dates on social networking sites.

Anonymity + Wrath = Racist, homophobic and nationalistic comments and defacing websites because one can.

And, for Randy at, maker of Get Out of Hell Free cards:

Anonymity + Stupidity = Misinformation, badly written Yahoo! Answers questions and answers, and forums full of people half-solving problems and no real fixes with understanding of why the problem happened in the first place.