Good things about today

A numbered list for no particular reason:

  1. Hot springs with Joyce and Sarah and baileyjordan, including a sauna
  2. Getting DSL to a customer who has long been denied thanks to telco snafus.
  3. Talking to my brother
  4. Just chilling with Sarah while she steals a barrel of internet from me.
  5. Realizing that the Firefly episode “The Train Job” made me think of the “Chemical Worker’s Song” and get it stuck in my head all day, entirely subconsciously.
  6. Listening to the Scissor Sisters in the back of the truck on the way to the hot springs
  7. Being complimented on my tits by Sarah
  8. Finding $210 worth of DSL equipment at the thrift shop for $12.
  9. And a sexy skirt
  10. And a dressy shirt
  11. Dodging water aimed at baileyjordan after he through a crouton at his boss
  12. Ogling cute waitresses at the bar, and making plans for dinner with one.
  13. Realizing that it’s only 3 days until I’ll likely have a prescription for hormones.
  14. Realizing that Easytag can tag AAC files now, and sorting out the music stolen from anandabrat and spxoon last may