How I became a music pirate. Me too.

SciTech MGL, non-X, accellerated OpenGL for Linux. GPL and commercial license.

John Buckman (Magnatune) on how to sell music in this brave new world.

RONJA, or “How to build yourself an optical wireless LAN”

Talking with scytrin



    <dd>Good software is like an onion.


         Difference being that when you weep for software, it should be at its beauty.


    <dt><a href='http://scytrin.livejournal.com'>scytrin</a></dt>

    <dd>I think I'm going to end up doing an ORM that sits in the singleton object and gets spec'd from yaml</dd>


Using segmentation faults to do your own memory management. Clever, using it to lazily evaluate stuff in C.