On Confidence

A friend of mine asked

does anybody actually feel confident?

I replied

I’ve been thinking about confidence lately. I’ve been talking to a friend a lot, trying to just help through a rough time, and working on confidence. -Being sure to the point where it feels reasonable to not expect everyone to hate em, expect that people will be decent and kind. It’s hard work, and it got me thinking.

Confidence in what, exactly? I’m starting to think there’s no magical “I have confidence”. I think it’s situational. In my last couple years, I realize that I feel confident that when I meet someone new, they’re going to at least like my personality. Confident that I don’t come across as arrogant like I used to. Sometimes those are small things, sometimes bigger. I’m slowly getting confident that my body moves how I think it does, and that I’m not unpleasant to look at. It’s a process, and it started being easier to see when I started breaking it apart.

Working with this friend, we work on confidence that people like em. Confidence that people won’t just up and leave em abruptly. Small things, but important. There’s others to be tackled.