Five things you didn't know yet about me

Since Chris2 tagged me, here goes. Much of this gets talked about here where people on my friends list read, but not much escapes publically.

  • I have no college degree. I never attended high school. I didn’t even actually officially enroll in middle school. My highest formal education is the fourth grade.
  • I’m transsexual. I live in a tiny town in the rural US, and it works out fine.
  • I run a small internet service provider. I bought it from its previous owner after working for him for 8 years. I walked in looking for internet service; I walked out with a job instead. I’ve been doing it pretty much since.
  • I’m vegetarian, and while I can make claims of moral superiority, the real secret is that I just don’t like any meats.
  • I believe in honesty, directness and independence in unusual ways.

I’m gonna tag scytrin and wolftracks