Today has been brought to you by the letters C, O, H and N in their various configurations

I’ve been thinking about future plans agan. My goal is, one year from now, to be able to live on the left coast and here, flitting back and forth as I please.

It might mean downsizing here, since my place is not the cheapest one I could get here, if I was willing to reconfigure my cooking a bit. I don’t know how I feel about that. I probably won’t, though, if I can get sporadic roommates to drop by here and there, on a short-term basis. That’s definitely possible here in the summer and sometimes in winter. I wish I owned my place, because then there could be all kinds of fun arrangements to make with it.

I need to grow my business just a bit, so I can afford an employee more like full time. I’m close. Just not there yet. Being able to let go of some tech support would be excellent, and I should really get around to automating a lot of the account maintenance tedium I do right now by hand thanks to my control-freak sysadmin tendencies.

I’d love to just have a room on the west coast, in a house with a decent kitchen. I realize now how much I want to have a place where I can live without most of my stuff, and I’m ready to live in a situation where sharing really makes sense, and actually works thanks to having enough space for everyone. That’s not really happened to me before, but I think I’ve finally grown the needed skills to make it work.

Before I do this, I suppose I’ve got to get a lot of little things worked out: Get on a schedule and actually stick with it for payroll taxes, instead of waiting until the last minute and panicking a bit; legally changing my name. Perhaps coming out (again!) here in town. It’s funny how those layers keep on coming. Maybe get a car or motorcycle. The hardest part of getting from here to the west coast is the 25 miles between my home and the bus station.

Unrelatedly, LJ finally let me nuke the silly subtitle on my journal. About time. Thanks, 6Apart! That only took months!