Random dumps can be fun.

[17:26:18] mike says “it’s always morning in arialand!”

[17:26:41] mike says “kinda like it’s always happy hour somewhere, but more orange juice and less alcohol”

Bryan: I do have trouble comprehending how people might get put to sleep by ode to joy :-)

Aria smirks.

Aria: I do, by a bad rendition.

Aria: But the full thing? no way.

Bryan: it is relaxing to hear I suppose in some ways but also fairly invigorating.

Aria: Beethoven at top volume is a lot like an orange juice and coffee enema first thing in the morning.

Bryan: heheh

Bryan: :-)

Bryan: and there aren’t a lot of artists of any era that you can say that about

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

— Bertrand Russell

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