Hikeage with pseudomammal and julieclipse was amazingly good. It rained most of the time. I have never liked the sun so much. I wish I had brought my camera. I would have treated it right despite the rain.

Clouds hung low. We climbed high. We walked among them in groves of aspen.

We got lost two miles above sea level. But pseudomammal really did well leading the charge back to the trail. I drank from the creek. We all drank from a spring. I sucked water off of passing leaves. The undergrowth was heavy with rain, and splattered our pants and legs with wet,

The rain broke for a moment around 1700. The sun has never felt more glorious.

I wore a skirt. It makes me so comfortable. We went to eat in Ouray afterward, and I didn’t care who saw. People smile at me more when I’m wearing a skirt, I notice.