I’ve spent a lot of this week being angry. I’m pretty okay with this, too, really. It’s a lot of shitty things, most of which is a bunch of angry customers and a fiber optic circuit which I don’t own, that affects my business, being up and down for far too long. I feel cut off from my normal modes of communication, and just angry that what I intend to do is thwarted.

I’m angry at the government for laws they’re enacting.

I’m angry at the world for being shitty to people I care about.

But today’s actually been okay. The fiber optic circuit isn’t fixed, but it’s less flakey right now. The customers weren’t terrible, just bad. I hung out and talked to people at the café by my office for a bit and had dinner. I talked to jimmysbrkndrms and jwitchbaby tonight on the phone, which made me feel far more at ease with the world.

It’s gorgeous here. It’s spring.

anandabrat is showing up soon. I’m excited.

I wore rainbow socks today. They make my world a little brighter.