Last night was bizarre in a really good for me sort of way. I’ve avoided the bar in town for various reasons my whole life here. I’d never been in until last night. They just relocated to a slightly less “cowboy” location, which works fine for me. The occasion was a sending off party for one of the employees of the restaurant across the courtyard from my office. I know all her coworkers, too, and eat there a lot, so everyone going last night was known and friendly. hellion0 went too, since she’s washing dishes for the restaurant, and knows people too.

I have been drunk enough to even feel tipsy only a handful of times, and drunker still only twice. Thrice, now, I guess. That’s enough to make one’s evening somewhat surreal, too.

What was really bizarre was that as the night went on and people got drunker, a guy went around the bar hugging all the girls, me included. He was kind of creepy, but that I got lumped in with the rest of the girls was happy. One of the girls in the crowd started flirting and looking confusedly at me (she’s known me, distantly) and at hellion0. She said “Wait, you used to be the computer geek, and now … you’ve .. got … boobies?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond any more than my usual just being me, and not caring so much how people perceive me at any moment.

Also, Tanqueray and Tonic is a small god in my universe.