made my evening last night. made my morning this morning. texted me after his surgery, more coherently than I expected, and made my later morning absolutely fine. I ate at Siam, our local Thai restaurant, and Sue and Jojo were happy and joking in the kitchen. Zander called me mid-evening as I was working at my office on my taxes, and he’s happy in his new place, which rocks totally and utterly. I arranged my ride to the bus on Friday. I chatted with a ton while I worked, and everyone should know that he’s awesome. I then ended up going to find food, only to discover that everything had closed already thanks to my staying late to work on taxes. I ended up with eight $.69 avocados, a bag of Doritos (I never eat Doritos… what’s wrong with me? Other than the 14-hour workdays, I mean…), and a block of super-sharp cheddar cheese. called again and I managed to make my figures come damn close to balancing while she talked, both events making my evening utterly complete. I stumbled home, posted this, and am now crashing into bed.

Tomorrow (Thursday still), I clean the house, do my laundry, make sure there’s food in the fridge for hellion0‘s return, and try not to go insane with preparation.

Friday, I leave for San Francisco by bus. I’m not sure where I’m sleeping the evening of the Saturday the 25th yet, but that’ll happen. (If not, I sleep in Golden Gate Park again, but I don’t want to acquire a new sleeping bag for this trip, hint hint.)

Goodnight, all.