I really had a good weekend. I can say now that I really don’t like Colorado Springs, but a city I really don’t like is made a hell of a lot better by good people to visit. It’s a huge, low-density, car-friendly, pedestrian-unfriendly city, especially the north part where I spent most of the time. I’m really not used to commercials blaring at me, and there, neon and big signs are everywhere. It’s overwhelming to me, exhausting.

I spent Saturday night and all of Sunday with robin_roe, and met her roommate as well. It’s pleasant to have someone to geek with and just be able to chat about anything and everything. I was looking forward to meeting her other roomie, T., but she wasn’t home this week. I did, however, chat with T.’s long-distance romance, claire_stretch, and had a surprisingly wonderful and deep first chat.

Today, I met up with evinboy, who is every bit as handsome as pictures would suggest, and even more charming than he is online. We didn’t spend enough time together to really get to know each other, but I can easily see becoming really fast friends.

Luck and timing work for me, usually, and this time, Evin and his mother happened to be heading north, near where I wanted to go, so it saved me a Greyhound trip and instead replaced it with wonderful conversation with two great people.

My brother’s apartment, where I am now, is really nice. I wish I had had a place this good when I first was out on my own, though I probably wouldn’t be in such a wonderful spot now if I had. The place is spacious and well laid out, and I think Chelsea is probably the perfect room-mate. One of the few times where being roomies with a friend is a good, good move.

Tomorrow, I head back home, six hours on the road headed west into the sun, so I’ll probably end up with a splitting headache, but I’ll be really glad to be back. I don’t like Denver or Colorado Springs nearly like I like walkable, intense cities like San Francisco and Portland.

Wednesday is back to work in an intese way. I need to finish taxes on top of regular work, and I’m really not looking forward to that. On the upside, December is usually quiet with people preoccupied with the holidays. I intend to make very good use of that.

Something about this trip — I’m not sure what — has made me really deeply appreciate how wonderful my life is. I feel amazingly blessed.