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Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrasing it is.

How many songs? 21,951 from 2,536 artists in 2,241 albums.

Sorted by song title. First Song: !@#*, by Rusted Root. Last Song: Zydeco, from Cirque de Soleil

Sorted by time. Shortest Song: Fingertips 11 and 16, by They Might Be Giants, each at 4 seconds. Longest Song: Nothing Lasts, by Schpongle, at 1 hour, 7 minutes, 2 seconds.

Sorted by album. First Song: La Salle De Bain, by 椎名林檎, from りんごのうた. Last Song: Gianna by Factor6, from ZX Spectrum is Alive.

Top Five Most Played Songs:

  1. With 93 plays, Mad World, covered by Gary Jules
  2. With 70 plays, Wish You Were Here, a cello cover, by who I don’t know.
  3. With 57 plays, Heaven Is A Halfpipe, by OPM
  4. With 54 plays and considerable embarassment, All The Things She Said, by Тату
  5. With 54 plays, Where You End, by Moby

First 5 song that comes up on Shuffle:

  1. Nothing Else Matters, covered by Apocalyptica, live edition from Disc 2 of the special edition Cult album.
  2. Youri Toufar sung by Sheila Ryan, from her album Samrad Linn
  3. So Long, by the Goo Goo Dolls, from A Boy Named Goo
  4. the theme to Schindler’s List, by Itzak Perlman
  5. Cocoon, by Björk, from Vespertine Live


  • “sex”: 51 songs, the first being Sex Changes, by the Dresden Dolls
  • “death”: 30 songs, the first being Creeping Death, covered by Apocalyptica
  • “love”: 957 songs, including much by Laura Love, the first being Marvin, I Love You, from the Dr. Demento show
  • “you”: 1,881 songs, Wish You Were Here came up first — yes, it’s still sorted by play count.
  • “fuck”: 10 songs, first is Don’t You Fuck, by Arling And Cameron. Other artists I can’t suggest on daytime radio include Ani Difranco, Tenacious D, and RX/ThePartyParty.

If you find this fascinating for some reason, you should look at my Last.fm page a bit.