Today rolled from mediocre to a wonderful climax.

Work was work. I had a meeting about money with the previous owner, which went well. My records pwn his records.

Last pizza night, possibly ever — the coffeeshop that holds the oven we use is closing, things changing. We’ll find another location, I hope. I’ll miss it. I finally un-tensed from the weekend and the past week after a couple beers and nearly a whole pizza to myself.

We hung out after everyone else left, waiting to let Christel into the radio station for her show. I didn’t realize she was still doing it, after the fight with her partner, but after the fight, the hurricane hit, and she grabbed recording equipment, pulled strings and got a press card, and got into the Astrodome and interviewed people. Most of the press was turned away.

The first part of the show was a live interview with a family from New Orleans, whose house was a block from the levee. They’re living here now, and the interview was great, and then they played forty-five minutes of interviews from Houston. Things are bad, there, folks. I’m going to get a recording tomorrow, I hope.

raijna called, and she is the most beautiful person tonight, having danced in the rain and swum in four-foot-deep floodwaters until the police chased her out. Don’t ever get sane, Jem. Not that kind of sane.

I’m grinning ear to ear, and random play has pulled up the Goo Goo Dolls.

Tonight, I ♥ life.