Today, I

  • talked with a 62-year-old homeless woman and good friend for an hour,
  • took pictures of flowers usually considered to be ugly,
  • was frustrated, sad, and angry all at once,
  • was frustrated by someone I love,
  • helped someone record a radio show,
  • drank too much coffee, and spent two hours in the coffeeshop talking to the barista since nobody else was there,
  • was given the backhanded compliment that I was arrogant before, and not so much now,
  • thought about poverty, power, and how the most meaningful jobs pay nothing at all,
  • accepted religious tracts with grace and some serenity,
  • wore tie-dye, because the bright colors bolstered a dark mood inside,
  • was proud that I can stand six feet tall without slouching, and not be uncomfortable,
  • invited two people twice my age to dinner,
  • slacked off on cleaning the house,
  • and looked for grasshoppers to feed my tarantula, and discovered that fall is progressing faster than even I want to admit.