seawitch asks:

1\. What in your life would you go back & do differently?
I'd have been better to both anandabrat and lightwalker. That relationship had ups and downs, and the downs could have been way more caring.
2\. What's been the most life-changing event in your life?
The slow transition getting more and more girlish. I've stopped being the sad teenager, depressed in her apartment, not really knowing how to live well, to now having a good idea what makes her happy, owning her own business, and growing into being an independent young woman, who's now had some successful relationships.
3\. What breaks your heart?
Remembering the look on upna's face as she said she was going to miss the mountains.
4\. Math or house chores?
I'll pick math every time, even if I enjoy washing dishes far more. I wish I could fix that habit.
5\. When was the last time you woke up smiling?
I had a waking dream of raijna as I woke a few days ago. It made my morning start off so wonderfully well.

I’d love to pass this on. Ask me, and I’ll give you five questions just for you.