Today was unusual, at least. The rain, combined with a clogged culvert, filled the patio of Cimarron Books with about 5,000 gallons of water, and the interior of the coffeeshop had six inches of standing water, kept in check only by Caithlin’s bailing it out the window with a bucket. So much for my usual routine of getting four shots of espresso in the worst of inclement weather.

Like all things built by he-who-shall-remain-nameless, the Chipeta where I was working leaks like a seive when it rains hard, just like my house. Ah, the house that Jack built…

My laptop power supply got damp, so Acrux will be out of commission until I either buy the spare I’ve been meaning to get, or it dries out. Not a huge problem, but annoying. The phone system I built for the Chipeta made it through just fine, but I lost a port on my router, and on the switch at work due to voltage surges. It was totally worth it for the water and light show we got this afternoon, though.

This evening, I watched the video that I converted to DVD for ftmichael. I nearly cried. I’ve never seen transgender issues dealt with so delicately in mainstream media. Kudos to Oprah for some real tenderness during interviews.