It rained today. This morning was a perfect Vancouver imitation: misty and cold, I walked to the café and sat on the porch, and watched the world go by for a whole hour. The world is quiet and beautiful when it’s raining like that. The traffic is muted, and tires on the new pavement just make the softest whoosh as they go by. It doesn’t quite pour, but the air and the trees are filled with what would be a heavy dew if it weren’t actively falling. I wore my green sweater, which even though it’s full of holes from too much time spent soggy and hanging on my body in the rain, is still like wearing a hug.

I wish it could always be this peaceful. The day went crazy the minute the sun came out. I spent five hours on the phone, trying to help three elderly customers, each to send an email. Between half the conversation lost to not hearing, and the rest to not listening, it was an excercise in frustration. But

it was pizza night, and there were eight of us and a fantastic variety of toppings. Ethan was in top form. It was excellent, and the storm came back while we were eating, and it poured rain, actually poured for the first time this year and I spent the entire drive home grinning from ear to ear. It looks to be summer monsoon pattern, too, so we may see a lot more wonderful, beautiful days like today. I hope so. I feel like my life gets crazy when it’s sunny, and I survive on days like today.