How to set up a PLD CVS tree to use the builder script


mkdir ~/rpm/{SPECS,SOURCES}/CVS

echo ‘’ > ~/rpm/SPECS/CVS/Root

echo ‘’ > ~/rpm/SOURCES/CVS/Root

touch ~/rpm/{SPECS,SOURCES}/CVS/Entries

echo ‘SPECS’ > ~/rpm/SPECS/CVS/Repository

echo ‘SOURCES’ > ~/rpm/SOURCES/CVS/Repository

poldek -i cvs rpm-build

cd ~/rpm/SPECS

cvs up builder

./builder yourpackagename`

If you want the whole SPECS tree, run cvs up in the SPECS directory, and it’ll download the ten thousand-odd spec files.

If you make changes, run the ./adapter script on the spec to check for sylistic glitches. Make sure that adapter is sane, though, since it can be over-aggressive. If the changes are generally useful, send the new spec (or better, a diff — one can be made with cvs diff file.spec) to the PLD developer’s list