A recap of my day: Work at 9:30. Never did what was originally scheduled. Finished at 18:00. Frisbee, last game with the youth corps — they go home in the morning. I’ve never played a game that intense. We played barely keeping score, though I’m sure it was tiedish, for two hours. The SYC kids took home the cup — plastic tubs covered in tinfoil, because I think they eventually nailed us, and certainly did on Monday too.

I invited a girl who played with us, whose name, I kid you not, is April May, and Paul, another player, over for dinner.

April is totally an unschooler. Training to be a massage therapist, interested in joining a conservation corps, she’s up here to help a friend (and a customer of mine) plaster the inside of their house. She and Paul and I ate the leftover curry from last night, and sat around for a surprisingly long time. Conversation started at herb lore and drifted to sexuality, tangents to BDSM, then to Anne Rice novels, tea, and natural building and solar power.

She reminds me of my cousin Meli in facial expressions just frequently enough to be unnerving.

All in all, it was a blast. I don’t have evenings like this nearly often enough. Maybe this being a young adult thing isn’t so bad.