I spent the last four hours with a group of peace activists. We watched The Atomic Cafe. The Crane Project was there, led by an old friend of mine. We folded cranes, that will be taken along the route from ___ through the uranium mining towns (and what’s left of them), through Ridgway, to Montrose, then to Cañon City, where there is an operating uranium refinery. (Notably, the town has more cases of lung cancer than surrounding areas. Its economy is uranium refining (and cleanup), and prison labor. It’s been a superfund site twice, and has no current operating license. Not that that stops them.)

I folded twenty cranes, and helped others learn. Ari-the-teacher came out to surprise me. I used to teach classfulls of second- and third-graders how to fold cranes. The old patience and gentle demonstration came back, and I felt totally at home.