Anarchaia is particularly good today.

I watched some of the Videos from DebConf 5 at work last night and today. Good stuff was said. Debian is a big enough project to get most open-source community battles entirely internally. It’s interesting to see familiar battles being fought there.

And in other news, Baseball and Softball have been cut from the Olympics. I wish I could even watch the olympics here. Nevermind even see an athelete from another country. I wish the Goodwill Games were still around.

Howl’s Paper Castle is the coolest paper construction I’ve seen in a while.

I’m going to help teach how to fold a paper crane tomorrow at a town gathering to observe the 60th anniversary of the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of which my area played a pivotal role, supplying the uranium used to manufacture the bombs, from mines that are now being reactivated in response to the recent price boom of uranium.

I’ll be taking off early from work to go make enough curry for ten hungry people, since I’d love to hang out with the SYC kids before they leave town on Thursday, and dinner is an excellent excuse.

And on that note, the sunset tonight was pretty. I’ve tried to do it justice using some variations on vruba‘s techniques for altering color.