Reasons I use PLD

  • qboosh’s anal-retentive package corrections. Things work consistently. Very, very consistently. And he can spel, too.
  • Out of the box IPv6 support, and no ifconfig(8) needed.
  • Choices aren’t made as distro policy except when there’s One Right Way, or having one way is the only possible way, no matter what it is.
  • Packages are as small as possible, but not annoyingly fragmented like a certain distro’s Ruby package
  • Things work out of the box most of the time.
  • It uses RPM.
  • Development is transparent — enough so that I as a non-Polish-speaker could get involved. The technical clarity makes up for most of the lack of English developer docs.
  • Up-to-dateness without actually bleeding much. I’ve been running GNOME 2.10 since shortly after it came out from, and the breakage was nearly nil. No reason to delay the update forever.
  • Effort into solving things solidly. I can confidently upgrade a kernel with RPM, and not fret that the system won’t boot. I’ve had two exceptions to this, both with some exceedingly odd (read: unreasonable, and using bleeding-edge softtware) setups that I created. Both of which PLD’s current RPMs handle, actually.