I have always been obsessed with stories about transformation. I I spent much of my teen years seeking out books about people being changed in so many ways. I love the transformations in Dealing with Dragons, I Capture The Castle is one of the best books I’ve read more recently, about two girls going through th transformation of adolescence. I loved Ender’s Game as a coming-of-age story, children transformed into adults, and a world transformed by the end of a war. Treason, Isaac Asimov’s Robot novels, all of my favorites are in some way tied together this way.

My childhood favorite story was The Velveteen Rabbit. I didn’t read it often, nor listen to the audio tape my family owned often — it was a painful, powerful story to me, but one that’s shaped how I think in immeasurably deep ways. It still makes me cry every time I think about it, or the music comes on my random-play list.

Does anyone else have a theme to their favorites like this?