Tagged by lightwalker, I have been instructed to list my six favorite songs. Alrighty then!

  1. “Where you end”, by Moby. Not only do the words mean a lot to me and make me happy right now, but the music has this catchy bit that just makes me swoon.
  2. “Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon”, by The Flaming Lips. I love the entire album, and half the songs have been among my favorites, but at the moment, this one is the one because of its simplicity.
  3. “Heaven is a Halfpipe”, by OPM. Thanks upna.
  4. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, by Deep Blue Something, though I prefer the acapella version I have, which is (probably incorrectly) attributed to Rockapella.
  5. “Electroshock Faders”, by Hooverphonic, which I still cannot pin down why I love it so much. (The whole album of Blue Wonder Power Milk is really good, actually)
  6. “Galileo”, by The Indigo Girls. lightwalker and I listened to this early in the morning at Quo Vadis while cooking breakfast and realized that we could actually get along and be friends.

Now, to tag some people. I’d love to see this list from zinniazayda, raijna, lypanov, aplaceofbirches, costmary and whisperchild. I’d also love to see you say why you love those songs.