Ugh. I had forgotten how overwhelming shopping is. I always forget how bad it is.

First, leaving town at 6am to be in Grand Junction before it’s insanely hot. Eugh.

Second, Target is now the most insane store ever, and no fun to be in. So much red, completely overwhelming. Worse, a customer deletes the log files and crashes the web server on their site, so I have to clean that up remotely, with my father on the line who will not read things verbatim, and omits errors from what he reads.

Third, it’s effing hot in Junction.

On the upside, I did find underwear, even if it took three stores to find. Socks, too. I found shoes at the first place I looked — I’m glad I gave in and got hiking boots instead of trying to find something femme in size 11.

There are no pants my size in the mall. Zero. I checked. I cannot understand how this makes any sense in a retail environment.