Agra Greens à la Ari

Alternately titled “My feet are covered in llama poop and I’m eating weeds, and I like it.”

  • two medium chopped onions, gently sauteéd in oil,

  • one half teaspoon each of clove, corriander, paprika, red pepper, tumeric, coriander, cinnamon, cumin, fennel, black pepper and allspice,

  • sauteé the spices a moment,

  • add one tablespoon chopped fresh ginger,

  • add eight ounces of water and eight ounces of tomato paste,

  • blend and set aside. That’s a basic curry sauce recipe.

  • sauteé one chopped onion until translucent,

  • add one half cup of whole milk yoghurt and cook until some of the water disappears,

  • add 23 cup of the sauce,

  • add two and a half pounds of garden weeds (I prefer dandelion, lambsquarter and marshmallow) or spinach, and a little water. Put a lid over it and let the greens steam down into a mushy puddle.

This is really delicious.