The first game of Ultimate was last night. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny, but after twenty minutes of feeling like I was going to die, everything got better, and I played out the whole game. I slept really well afterward, too — eleven to eight thirty is probably the most sleep I’ve had in months.

Mary, the girl who started the game ast summer, then ran off to Guatemala for nine months, showed up last night just after the game as we were headed out, happy that we kept goinng without her. She’s doing well, off to nothern Quebécfor a job guiding rafts, then to Bolivia to meet a guy she met, and bicycle to Tierra del Fuego. She’ll be back, though. People don’t leave Ridgway forever.

Last night, I realized how much I adopt the physical mannerisms of the people around me. Parker, by far the best player we have (since he’s six and a half feet tall, and has a reach to make a basketball player jealous), rubbed off on me. This bothers me more than it should, but for once, I’d love to be me without my subconcious just imitating the most interesting person within a hundred feet.