Five year plan

June: Pay off business on long-term credit. Get hair taken care of. Garden. Finish all dangling projects for QuickCard and Southwest Aero.

July: Train dad. Maybe get some branch-business going if the plans make sense. Get interconnect with Qwest signed, no matter how sucky. Start finding financing for DSL on Loghill, and in Elk Meadows if possible.

August: Play frisbee lots, get someone to visit. Garden. Work on that motorcycle thing. Improve the billing system to usable for non-geeks. Keep nuking that hair.

September: Install DSL? Improve services as much as possible. Taxes for the business.

October: Party like I’m 24. Visit the west coast? Hopefully start feeling seriously girly.

November: Travel a bit, work a lot.

December: That holiday stuff. Not coming out to family quite yet.


January-April: Keep working. Put in public access terminals. Clean the office to a zen-like cleanliness, find somewhere else to do service work.

May: Go to Europe. Find some reason to call it business.

Build up some money in the bank.

Fall: Hire more people.


Buy land or start spending part of my time in a city. Probably convert completely to DSL. Dialup is dead. Long live dialup.

Be involved so much in the upper end of the business that transitioning doesn’t affect the customer base at all.


Complete transition.


Pick where I want to live and go there.

Of course…

This could change on a moment’s notice if romantic interests show up, weird shit happens or I change my mind.