My ten favorite smells are:

  • Cloves.
  • Rain on field grass.
  • Yerba maté.
  • Roses.
  • Green tea.
  • Moss.
  • Blankets dried in the sun.
  • The back of girl necks.
  • Lavender.
  • Fresh bread.

A bizarre honorable mention now goes to stale cigarrette smoke after being up for 26 hours.

I actually have associations with all of these― Cloves: Carrie, sitting on top of the house. Rain on field grass: Being alone in the cool comforting dark. Yerba Maté: My father. Roses: Robyn, because I could smell them from a distance and she couldn’t. Green tea: The wondermill crowd, and Tessa, and time well spent in BC. Moss: Robyn, by the creek. Blankets dried in the sun: my sister. Girl necks: No comment. Fresh bread: Dawn.