I accidentally just got drunk. I’ve never been drunk before… the liquor store was out of my usual (Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout)… the beer I chose to try instead is 10% alchohol, not the usual 5%. I was tipsy in Victoria at the pub once, maybe even to this point. I didn’t enjoy it then, so I haven’t since.

I’m glad that typing is nearly entirely subconcious now, since I can manage to make this entire post without visible typos (rest assured that I am making them, though I do realize it and do care enough to not let them slip into LiveJournal).

I can’t believe I’ve never accidentally done this before. I got tipsy once with my coworkers in Victoria when I was hanging out with them on a friday. It’s totally not something my family would do — my father drinks a little wine before bed, and my mother doesn’t like any alchohol. I never saw it around when I grew up.

My first beer was when I was 19, legal age and in a pub in Victoria. Every friday, work would end at 14:00 instead of 17:00, and we’d go a few doors down toward the waterfront and spend a few hours in the pub. We called it “Beer O’ Clock”. I really liked hanging out there. I developed a taste for really good beer that way. I got tipsy once, and I didn’t particularly enjoy it, so I’ve always been really moderate in my drinking, almost entirely for flavor and social value.

This time, though, I accidentally bought something really strong. “The Reverend” beer is 10% ethanol, and since it comes in 22 ounce bottles, really surprised me. My usual is Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, a meagre 5% alchohol. This really caught me by surprise, doubly so because it tasted so good. My eyes aren’t tracking quite properly, and I am making more typos than I usually do. I can’t say this is entirely unpleasant though, since my tendonitis isn’t hurting at all, and I can play the cello much more accurately without my brain in the way. I have to hold the handrails going downstairs, but I do that anyway since my blood sugar gets wonky sometimes, and I’m liable to black out on occasion after standing up.

Music is much more musical this way. I feel it, rather than than thinking it. I really like that. I don’t want to have to subject my body to alchohol to get that, so I might have to train my mind to not censor so heavily without it. I could do that, I suppose…

I wish Jem were here. She’d have something insightful to say.