I’m doing okay, all considered. I did cry this morning. We both did. It’s the end of what was mostly really good. I’m glad I have such good friends: Carrie for being not only supportive but inspiring and an amazing lover the last four years, Ananda for being a friend after being an ex, and to Tessa for the same, Dawn for being great to talk to here and in person, and for being able to put aside old shit and be friends, Josh for being surprisingly good to compare notes with, Max for being understanding and not maing the last week hell, and for being graceful in the latest adaptations, Amy for inspiration to not be anything but oneself, Asa for being a constant listener and great friend over the last months, and FTMichael, Hal, Evin, Blaise, Caleb and the rest of the #YayForQueers group for being supportive and wonderful and mind-opening since I met them, and to Alex for being a great friend and listener, too.

I’m at peace. Life will go on, goodbye isn’t usually forever, and missing people is quite okay.