I’ve run a full course of Spiro now, been basically without testosterone in my body for several months. This week, I eased back off for now, not having a refill on hand, and partly to double-check what I’m doing, to see what the effects really are.

I’m more motivated this week.

I can’t concentrate nearly so easily.

My joints hurt more. Tendonitis is back more than usual. All my muscles are harder to relax.

My blood pressure is on average higher, but the swings are far worse.

I don’t sleep as well. I’m waking up tired.

My mood swings are harder to deal with. Not less frequent, not less severe, but harder to express and harder to figure out.

Food isn’t tasting as good.

I smell bad.

My sex drive is higher. It’s not really that comfy. I prefer the impetus to not be so entirely physical.

I don’t get cold quite as easily.

My skin is rougher and greasier.