Some things never change.

Dawn and I have been old friends for as long as we have known each other. The first moments were close and honest. For better or worse, anger or not, it’s lasted in whatever form it has, and I’m happy. I realize now that that connection hasn’t gone away despite trying to ignore it, worrying about both of us having changed, and time just having passed. I assume that all relationships just go away when you don’t pay attention to them.

I’m home now. I’m listening to the Cranberries for the first time in months. It makes me think of Carrie, how she was when she first came here. Not the shy part, but the rebellious girl well in touch with her tough Irish heritage, angry and proud and a bit intimidating.

I have decided to leave you forever

I have decided to start things from here

Thunder and lightning won’t change

What I’m feeling

And the daffodils look lovely today

(From The Cranberries “Daffodil Lament”)