Twenty-two, because my friends list is too long to just pick 15. I’m up for a private guessing game, too, if you want to come find me on IRC.

1. Watching you grow up has been one of the best parts of my life. I can’t believe how old you are. I feel protective of you like a parent or older sister might. You keep surprising me every time I hear from you.

2. You are wise beyond your age. I completely forget how young you are. You are already more person than most people ever become. I like every talk we have, and there’s a lot lately.

3. I worry about you but I know you’re stronger than you think you are. You have an unassuming attitude toward your beauty. I honestly don’t think you have any idea how beautiful you really are.

4. You drive me crazy sometimes, but you’re so eager to learn and do things that I couldn’t turn you down for a second.

5. You are the most different person I know. I’ve never met anyone even a little like you.

6. I still have a crush on you, and not entirely for your artistic ability. I think you’re different than you are, and assume a lot of things that aren’t quite true about you. I wonder if I like the imagination more than the reality. I’ve wanted to get to know you better, but it seems like every opportunity doesn’t work out like I’d expect. Some of my favorite people ever are your close friends.

7. You are almost entirely an enigma to me, and I am intrigued. You do a lot of things I look up to you for, but in ways that I find completely baffling. We’re interested in so many similar things.

8. I can’t believe you turned out queer. I think that is so cool. Your personality has twists I never realized, but it explains a lot of the way you think.

9. I’m not entirely sure who you are, but your name on Live Journal bugs me to no end.

10. I can’t believe we’re friends. I’ve always thought it to be possible, but I was doubting. Something happened. I think the power to overcome things is amazing. I’ve learned so much from you.

11. We haven’t talked in ages, but I think you’re among the coolest people I know. You used to have this shell around you as if you were the most fragile thing, but now you’re turning into a strong, honest person. I can’t imagine many better transformations.

12. I really like your energy, even if it seems unfocused so much of the time. I don’t think you realize how much better life can get once you get out on your own. I think you should totally make it that far. I don’t think you have any idea of the possibilities. I hope you realize them when you’re near them.

13. I am jealous of you on so many levels. You do something I probably will never be able to manage to do, one of those choices that I would make differently if I had a spare lifetime or a huge pile of cash.

14. We don’t get along too terribly well at the moment, I don’t think, but it’s been a while and I want to see how it goes when we see each other next. We have this amazing habit to completely miscommunicate.

15. You are a powerful personality, and an unlikely friendship for me. I didn’t realize how soft your insides were until I got to know you better. You’re really surprisingly deep to talk to. You’d think I’m insane for thinking so, but I’m jealous of your life, bad parts and all.

16. I am so angry at you still, I can’t believe it. I’ve never gotten mad at someone like this before.

17. We’ve started becoming friends, and I didn’t expect it. You were someone I’d always ignored, just not very high up on the list of people to get to know. I was really surprised when we started to talk.

18. I think you are who I would have been had I grown up in completely different circumstances. You’re comfortable to me like a wool sweater, a foggy day, and a good book and a pot of tea.

19. Watching you transform as you’ve grown the last year is really amazing. I think you’re really cool, too.

20. I have been entranced by you since I met you. You’d be surprised to know that, and I think I baffle you. Everything you write or say is unendingly fascinating. We think a lot alike, deep down inside. That’s one reason I like you so much.

21. You’re someone I met recently. I’ve never connected to someone who’s got kids, a job to hold down, and is in such a completely different phase of life. I’m going to have to go over there and meet you one of these days. It’s not that far! I have a ton of respect for your work, and I can’t believe you ask my advice.

22. We’ve never met but I admire your generosity. I know you mostly by your good and caring deeds for people I care about. I think you’re also really thoughtful.